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These creations are from my special day.  I have included my jewelry as well as my creations for my bridesmaids (a necklace, bracelet, earrings a crystallized mirror).  I have also put in the gifts I gave to my girls for the wedding.  These include a handmade makeup bag and jewelry roll that was also created by a small business like myself.  If you like her designs please visit her website at

You will also find my mother and grandmother's jewelry that I created especially for them.  Hope you enjoy viewing it as much I enjoyed making it!
Crystal Teardrop Necklace
Bridal Bracelet
Bridal Teardrop
Bridesmaid V shaped
(Cyclamen Opal)
X's and O's Bracelet
(Cycleman Opal,
 Mauve & Violet Opal)
Crystal Drop Earrings
(Cyclamen Opal)
Handmade Swarovski
Crystallized Mirrors
Crafty Stitches
Makeup Bags
Crafty Stitches
Jewelry Rolls
w/ Monograms
Chainmaille Necklace
(Rose Montee
Crystal AB)
Chainmaille Bracelet
(Rose Montee Crystal AB)
Illusion Necklace
(Crystal Bronze Shade)
Tila Diamond Bracelet
Cascade Crystal
Bronze Earrings